Our evergreen collection with new fragrances in materials, with a meticulous processes of selection while creating our goods.
Discover our complete catalogue and meet your new complement to your ideal environment.
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Reimaging your spaces

Your look of choice without excuses, no limits of personalization on the overall collection.

From the hôtellery to the private livings, our goal in design is to deliver a perfect choice to the final environment. Doing so, calm and elegant lines and textures are draw to fit the all-arounds use, without any compromise in solidity.

In Trabaldo we look to quality as must. We believe to full merge artisanal practices with industrial organization, selecting just First grade-safety certified materials to match all your needs in personalization, with basically no limits.

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Our standard is excellence since 1969.

High quality standards, close attention to design and commercial professionalism are the ingredients that gave TRABALDO it’s success in Italy and abroad as one of the most qualified operators in the sector.

The company policy consist in joining traditional manufacturer skills with modern industrial organization, in order to meet needs of the market worldwide, with always elegant and up to date products.